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pandorablu: (kono kicks your ass and mine)

pandorablu's Journal

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Created on 2009-04-19 17:22:11 (#99338), last updated 2011-05-01 (416 weeks ago)

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Name:whore (scenes deleted)
Birthdate:Jun 4
Location:New York, United States of America
In real life this space would be filled with the most boring bits you can think of. Job I don't exactly hate, but don't love eternally. Live in a condo affectionately called "Pandora's Box" (and no you really don't want to know why). Graduated something something years ago from some college... It just goes on in that really boring way things most times do.

Online I resemble something of a manic, spastic, and rather sarcastic, chipmunk. When Buffy and Angel ended I kinda bounced from fandom to fandom. I was involved in both Stargates... to Firefly, Fastlane, Harry Potter, Farscape, all three CSIs, Final Fantasy 7, NCIS, Supernatural, Heroes, New Who... wow does the list go on and on and on. But I seem to have found my happy place with those crazy kids from season 7 of American Idol, so expect much squeeage of that variety. And Kris, Adam and Allison always make me smile.

... There's also those years we don't talk about where I was into those crazy boybands (Backstreet and NSYNC). Wooo boy, were those some crazy times indeed!
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